Camusta, Kalapan?

See what I did there? Mixing my Cs and Ks? =)

I fastracked a Mindoro project as an attempt to distract myself this month. I first got here in 2011 for a Museum launch project. I wanted to stay on longer to really get into the Mangyan culture, its living language and wonderful weavings, but perhaps this is my 'right time' for these things.

My commute's timing was off for a well planned dinner but the nice surprise was finding a 24-7 karenderia that served a heavily gingered chicken curry.

My playlist is from Rock of Ages. Can't beat Foreigner to start a journey in mellow Mindoro.

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D' Wonder Twins of Boac

The cast's final bow
So my aunt and I caught the last show of Peta Tapets's musical D' Wonder Twins of Boac (what can I say? I always tend to catch the last runs of things).

Story + music was written really well that I think the material would work fabulously as a movie too, ala ZsaZsa Zaturnnah. It was an added novelty that the play's milleu, the grand era of Philippine Cinema, actually happened in nearby New Manila (about a stone's throw away from PETA theater).

Cris Villonco's voice is superb for live performance. I really hope she does more original musicals. Also memorable was Paolo Rodriguez' humorous/intense take on Malvolio. Him and his blue power suit was one of the more memorable characters of the show, along with Carlon Matobato's butch stuntgay (Carlon, aside from being a chorus member, choreographed the entire play). Even Carlon's windup-Elvis Presley impersonation was a crowd hit. His song number Matuto Kang Mamatay was my fave track of all of the musical numbers.

PETA, please make an iTunes channel already, so people can purchase those sticky songs after they leave your plays =)


Erras Ramen Cart

If you've seen the movie Tampopo then you know how mabusisi it is to make a good bowl of noodle soup.

Erra's ramen stand in Adriatico St Malate (yup it's just a stand) though not in the hifalutin level of the Tampopo noodle shop, makes a good ramen bowl. This humble kiosk not only makes good ramen, it makes a good under-P100 ramen, a true feat in my book. Just proves how one can make good money on a single dish food business, just so long as it's done well.

closer than Tokyo

grossly underpriced in my opinion (but shhhh don't tell the owner)
ramen assembly
ramen assembly

your tambayera ordered the plain ramen by mistake.
get the miso one with a double helping of chasu pork

double bowl kay direk Jim
Thank you direk Jim Libiran (of Happyland and Tribu fame) for introducing me and my nanay, open source IT exec Deng Silorio, to this awesome nook. (I'm namedropping to point out how all walks come by to try this place out, from tourist types, taxi drivers, to various entertainers native to the Malate district.)
mama Deng and your shy tambayera
Getting there: From Remedios Circle, walk towards Malate Pensionne/Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Keep walking til you see the bar with flags. The red Erras cart share space with them. If you reach Nakpil Street lumampas ka na, atras =)


Mad Mark's Man Sandwich and Frozen Dessert

Mad Mark's Double Scoop: P120Mad Mark's Man Sandwich and Frozen Desserts is a small shop composing a row of casual dining restaurants in the Kapitolyo strip.

Frequently full with family and barkada diners, the quickest way to get in and out is to order a double scoop of their homemade ice cream. Tip: getting a double scoop is cheaper for your peso vs the single scoop.

If it's your first time then get the Half-Baked Madagascar, their top flavor. And for number 2 may I suggest the Earl Grey Tea? Number 1 is their version of a cookie dough ice cream. It's chunky malt flavor is a crowd hit. Number 2's tea essense is not shy at all like other local artisanal brands. It's subtle bitterness makes it unmistakeable that you are eating a tea-based ice cream.

I'll stop here and make it all about their ice cream. I'll do a longer review that includes sandwiches in a separate post =)

Getting there: from Robinsons Pioneer, take a tricycle to Pioneer Supermarket. Take another tricycle to East Capitol Drive and ask to be let off at Mad Marks. It's sandwiched between Lia's Cakes and Poco Deli.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MadMarks.Resto